Active Agers Dancercise with Moses Lim

Latest Activities: Esplanade – A Dancercise Date with Active Agers & Friends 2021

Yes, I can dance! On 26th March 2021, I partnered with The DanceSport Academy and Esplanade – Theatres on The Bay to show how active agers, like myself, can dance to Cha-cha and Rumba beats in very simple and easy steps.

The routine is called Dancercise and the video is a part of the Esplanade’s A Date With Friends 2021 Programme. Due to Covid-19, the demonstration could only be in a digital video format. I would have loved to dance to the steps together with my family, friends and followers. However, during this pandemic, it is important that we practise social distancing and protect ourselves and our loved ones.

If I could dance so easily under the guidance of Mr Melvin Tan from The DanceSport Academy and the pretty and active aunties, I believe most of the viewers would be able to do the same. It is a great way to promote exercise, and stay safe and healthy in a fun manner.

I thoroughly enjoyed and still practise the steps from Dancercise. The opportunity from The Esplanade and the coaching from The DanceSport Academy are invaluable and very much appreciated.

This is to me an extremely meaningful project because health is wealth. Let’s dance! Try it at home! Or share with your active agers.

Update May 2021: As we enter COVID-19 heighten alert, please stay safe and exercise at home. 

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