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Moses Lim is "Tan Ah Teck" but most significantly, he is Singapore's iconic celebrity gourmet.

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Singapore's Foremost Food Critic

Before there were food bloggers, instagrammers and self-proclaim taste makers, there was Moses Lim. He was the forerunner in the food critic scene in Singapore.

A trailblazer, Moses Lim pioneered in the category of Gourmet Tours in Singapore in 1993.  Unlike other tours, Moses Lim’s Gourmet Tours were uniquely his with ‘Focus On Gourmet’ itineraries. 

Not only is Moses Lim passionate about food, he also takes a keen interest in the cultural nuances a dish carries across different countries and communities. He always delightfully shares his enthusiasm for each dish, introducing them on a tapestry of history and origin stories rooted in culture. 

Given his profile, Moses Lim was appointed the Gourmet Connoisseur for Citibank and Food Ambassador for Singapore Yellow Pages Buying Guide to promote the appreciation of food across different tiers and forms. His contributions and passion to the promotion and exchange of food did not just stop there. 

Restaurants & Chefs' Associations

Moses Lim is recognised locally and overseas in a myriad of achievements. As a food critic, he lives by his mantra of ‘Good Food, Good Life’. Over the years, he has been relentlessly active. He continues to contribute in areas that involve growing the F&B industry and exchange of food cultures, best practices and skills. 

  • Advisor for The International Exchange Association of Renowned Chinese Cuisine Chef
  • Luminary on the judging panel for the Restaurant Association of Singapore’s Epicurean Star Awards
  • Honorary Ambassador for Singapore Chefs Association
  • Gourmet Ambassador for Society of Singapore Chinese Cuisine Chefs
  • Consultant for Hong Kong Chefs Association
  • Gourmet Ambassador for Hou You Cook’s Association, Singapore

Recognition & Endeavours

Tourism Boards

民以食为天. The easiest way to understand culture and  heritage is through food. Moses Lim has been appointed food and travel ambassadors by various Tourism Boards in different countries and states.

  • Malaysia Penang Food Ambassador 
  • Food Ambassador for The State of Sarawak, Malaysia 
  • Business Ambassador of South Australia 
  • Tourist Ambassador for Hangzhou, China
  • Honorary Ambassador for Chung Cheong Nam Do Province, Korea
  • Honorary Ambassador for Gyeongsangbuk-Do Province, Korea
  • Honorary Ambassador for Gwangju Province, Korea

Food / Travel Ambassadorial Roles:

Hawker Food - Closest to the heart

What is truly closest to Moses Lim’s heart are the hawkers and their food in Singapore.

Prior to Singapore being awarded UN Cultural Heritage status, Moses Lim was instrumental in introducing and promoting Singapore hawker culture and food to local and overseas media and friends in his appointment by Singapore Tourism Board (STB) in the annual Hawker Fest Singapore Food Festival.  During his host and ambassadorial term from 2016 to 2018, Moses Lim was able to magically tell tales of Singapore’s hawker culture with local dishes to delight the palette, visually and gastronomically.

City Hawker Food Hunt

Moses Lim has always had a keen eye on the changing hawker landscape since the 80’s. Consummately passionate about Singapore’s hawker culture, Moses Lim was the consultant for ‘City Hawker Food Hunt” – jointly organised by Shin Min Daily News & City Gas. For more than 10 years, the award recognises outstanding and dedicated culinary performance by the hawkers in Singapore.

"We must let our hawker culture proliferate. Now that Singapore's hawker culture has received UN Cultural Heritage status, I hope there will be more young people considering this category of food that is uniquely ours."

Columnist & Food Author

Unbeknown to some, besides being a food critic, Moses Lim has also authored a series of books on food and culture. 民哥@美食笔记本 1, 2 and 3 (Moses Lim’s Gourmet Notebook 1, 2 and 3) and 民以食为天 (Moses Lim’s Thoughts on Food) were among the few books published before the advent of the Internet and social media. He even had his personal column in 联合晚报  (Lianhe Wanbao), 新民日报  (Shinmin Daily News) and i-周刊 (I-Weekly) where he engaged and shared his gourmet adventures with his fans and readers.   


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"Good friends, good food and good times are hard to come by. If you have wonderful food and would love to share, I would be most happy to hear from you."
Moses Lim
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